Jill @ Southwest Las Vegas:

"My kids love our pool, but they hate the closing it up for the winter months in Las Vegas. If they could be in the pool year round they would. Now that I found Celestial Solar Pool Heating, our pool is open an extra 3 months. Solar pool heating has made my kids much happier. John and his crew at Celestial did a fantastic job installing the solar panels seamlessly. And it really isn't that expensive either. I refer them to all my friends with kids and pools now."

Alex @ Southern Highlands:

"Even in Las Vegas, pools still don't get used 12 months out of the year unless they are indoors. Getting electric heating for the pool is much too expensive. I did some research and found that solar pool heating is much cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than electric. I called up Celestial Solar Pool Heating and had an estimate done and was more than satisfied with the price and being able to extend my swimming season an extra couple months and it isn't costing a fortune. Solar pool heating has extended my summer from March to December instead of May to October. I have Celestial Solar Pool Heating to thank for that!"

Rodney @ Silverado Ranch:

"If you are looking for energy efficient, cost effective solar pool heating, you can find it at Celestial Solar Pool heating in Las Vegas. The employees are very knowledgeable in solar panels as well as roofing so the solar pool heating panels are installed with care and expertise. The initial cost might seem a bit expensive to some, but you have to look at the bigger picture. I am now saving money on my utility bills by using the solar pool heating for my pool as opposed to electric. It is worth every penny I spend, and every dollar I am saving. Thank you Celestial Solar Pool Heating and your great professional staff."

Veronica@ Henderson:

"Celestial Solar Pool Heating in Las Vegas is a fantastic company with professional and knowledgeable employees. Solar Pool Heating is the energy efficient and cost effective way to heat your pool, save money, and extend your swimming summer season. The solar panels on my roof are design friendly and don't look awkward at all. It has also raised the value of my home as it helps lower energy costs and utility bills. Celestial Solar Pool Heating has affordable pricing, warranties, and the professionals needed to know everything is done, and done right. I am especially pleased that when there is an issue, Celestial Solar Pool Heating will come out, address the problem and fix it right then and there. I recommend these guys to anyone who wants to save money, increase home value, and just wants the summer fun to never end."